1.Initial Consultation

Start your luxury portrait journey with a personalized chat. We'll talk about what you're dreaming of, your likes and dislikes, and your unique style. Together, we'll create a special portrait session designed just for you.

2.Customized Proposal

Once we've had our chat, I'll put together a custom plan that covers everything for your portrait session. Whether it's how long we'll shoot or what prints you'll get, I'll make sure every detail fits just right for you.

3.Booking and Contract Signing

After you've given the thumbs up to your personalized plan, we'll go ahead and schedule your portrait session. We'll draw up a clear contract for peace of mind, and once you've popped down a deposit, your spot on my busy calendar is all yours.

4.Preparation and Planning

Before your session, we'll work closely together to plan everything out. Whether it's picking the right spot, sorting out outfits, or perfecting the styling, we'll make sure every little thing is just right for your perfect portrait experience.

5.The Portrait Session

When it's time for your session, kick back and soak up the luxury treatment designed especially for you. I'll be there every step of the way, ensuring every moment is picture-perfect and reflects your individuality and flair.

6.Image Selection and Editing

Once your session wraps up, I dive into the selection process, handpicking the finest shots. With an eye for detail, I'll finesse each image to perfection, ensuring they radiate quality and timeless charm through expert retouching

7.Product Presentation and Delivery

Take your pick from our carefully chosen range of top-notch products and prints, perfect for showing off your portraits in grand style. Whether it's archival-quality prints, bespoke albums, or beautifully framed artwork, each piece is meticulously crafted with love and precision.

8.Client Satisfaction and Follow-Up

Your smile means everything to me. I'm committed to giving you top-notch service and making sure you're over the moon with your portraits. After delivery, I'll check in to make sure everything's perfect and gather your thoughts for even better experiences ahea